Your data is your business’ most important asset. How can you make sure it is safe and secure at all times? How can you ensure the continuity of your operations in the event of a server failure, theft or disaster? Secured Online Backup lets you perform complete backups, even while Smart Vendor is running, and always gives you access to the most recent data.

Smart Vendor Secured Online Backup

Our automated and secure online backup solution allows you to stop worrying about incomplete or forgotten backups, stolen backup media or drives, and about your damaged or destroyed hard drive following a disaster.

Secured Online Backup lets you avoid the high costs associated with the loss of your invoices and financial reporting, new customers, customers’ purchases, changes in accounts receivable, credit notes, gift cards and certificates, performance history for stock and suppliers, as well as receiving and updates to quantity on hand.

With Secured Online Backup

  • benefit from a complete, worry-free protection of your data
  • recover any previously modified document (60-day history)
  • perform a complete backup every day, even while Smart Vendor is running
  • enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our fully automated online backup system

Why select Smart Vendor’s online backup solution?

  • the confidentiality and protection of your data are ensured
  • your data integrity is closely monitored
  • possibility to upload much larger files than most other online backup solutions
  • the bandwidth use is optimized as to not impede with Internet surfing
  • your data is entrusted to a local company whose reputation for customer service and support is well established
  • Secured Online Backup is a reliable and affordable turnkey solution


Data Stored Monthly Price

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