Simplify Payments with Chase Paymentech and ACCEO Solutions.

A Winning Combination.

Together with Chase Paymentech™, our preferred payment processing partner, we can help provide a better solution for your business:
  • Easier reconciliation
  • Elimination of credit and debit card duplicate entries
  • Speed up check out and provide a better customer experience
  • Ecommerce solutions to accept payments from your online store
About Chase Paymentech:
  • Preferred integration and payment processing partner of ACCEO Smart Vendor
  • A global leader in payment processing
  • Wholly owned subsidiary of JPMorgan Chase
  • Provides live, 24/7 bilingual customer support
Chase Paymentech can help you:
  • Better understand the costs associated with payment processing
  • Find out what you could be saving
  • Choose competitive options for your business

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