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  • Display availability, sale pricing, product sizes and colours, photos and more with Shopify eCommerce ‘360.
  • Transactions are entered simply and easily by key entry or bar-code scanner.
  • User-programmable “hot keys” allow for quick selling of popular items.
  • You can command an instant onscreen search by description, manufacturer’s number, product group and UPC codes.
  • Single screen transaction integration saves time by eliminating “screen hopping.”
  • Layaway and special order items can be created and tracked.
  • Invoices are printed out on blank or pre-printed forms, or on roll receipt.
  • The system supports electronic cash drawers and customer poll display, and provides full bar-code wand and laser reader support.
  • Customers can be retrieved by last name, home or alternate phone number, Company Name, or by customer number
  • Transactions can be suspended or resumed, allowing increased throughput while preventing delays at the checkout
  • Multi-tendering capabilities including foreign currency
  • Paid out and Paid in tracking and reporting
  • Tracks credit notes and the customer it was issued to, and if already redeemed; Reminds cashiers to ask for outstanding Credit Notes when totaling Customer Transaction
  • Sell multiple Gift Certificates on one receipt and combine with regular purchases for one customer transaction; Track if Gift Certificates have been redeemed yet or not
  • Ability to record deposits and track partial of full pickups
  • Reprint or Recall any invoice at a later date
  • Screen displays large, readable characters when totaling
  • Customer survey and special shipping information and functions
  • Single Item Discounting on the fly
  • Multiple Item Discount allows Retailers to further reduce “already reduced items” at the time of sale
  • Returns By Invoice # speeds of multiple item returns from the same invoice #; Smart Vendor retrieves price paid from the past invoice
  • Serial number and warranty information can be entered on invoices
  • Link Extended Warranty Fee items to appropriate stock items to remind sales staff to sell them
  • Link appropriate Electrical & Electronic Equipment fee to stock items to ensure the proper fee is collected at time of sale
  • Link Bottle Deposits to beverage and other items as needed to ensure the proper fee is collected at the time of sale
  • Sell several independent items as a group for a predetermined price (Gift Baskets and similar concepts)
  • Quick and easy on-screen packaging of non-related items
  • Residual Value Gift Card module tracks unused balances on Smart Vendor activated Gift Cards
  • Our easy-to-use system prompts guide you through the software.
  • Salespersons can be trained to perform a basic sales transaction in 10-15 minutes.
  • Any information such as quantities and descriptions can be seen on a single screen at any time.
  • The system handles calendar-controlled sale pricing, customer discount levels and wholesale pricing.
  • Returns, exchanges and credit notes are handled simply and efficiently.
  • Restrict Cashier discounting privileges with Maximum Discounts on items; Manager overrides may allow cashier to continue
  • Daily sales can be instantly viewed at any terminal.
  • The low stock alert feature helps identify items in need of re-ordering.
  • Multiple tax schedules are readily accommodated.
  • Automatically charge the correct tax rate when selling into another province
  • Automatically handle Native Tax Relief at the Register for Ontario stores
  • Automatically waive PST for Wholesale customers
  • All financial areas can be protected by multiple password levels.
  • Daily cash summaries can be generated showing department sales, margins, paid-outs, etc.
  • Customize your own sales and invoice messaging
  • Support for alternating promotional logos, messages and coupons
  • Allows full screen editing and item deletion
  • Displays rotating staff reminders messages on screen
  • Alerts you to outstanding account balances
  • Informs you when the customer last shopped at your store
  • Photo image display and retrieval directly on the sales screen
  • Items can be tagged, facilitating rapid invoice creation
  • Individual totals for each cash drawer and sales person are recorded
  • Low stock alert helps identify items in need of re-ordering
  • Tracks and reports sales commissions
  • Customer tracking can be optional or mandatory.
  • Customers can be quickly identified by Phone Number, Last or First Name, Company Name, or Customer Number.
  • Customer profile tracking can be carried out according to your choice of characteristics.
  • Large memo fields have been included for entering customer memos and remarks.
  • You can maintain individual customer purchasing information and profitability details.
  • Customer mailing labels can be produced.
  • The system tracks special orders and layaways and maintains the history of these items.
  • Optional ‘points’ add-on provides a strong incentive for customers to return to your store.
  • Provides instant access to account balances and personal shopping histories, including number of transactions to that date
  • Multiple customer discount levels apply discounts at point of sale
  • Allows customer groupings for marketing and reporting purposes
  • Optional ‘points’ program allows you to reward customer loyalty; and to issue and redeem points any way you choose,
  • Identify annual membership renewal dates and automatically remind Cashiers to collect renewal when due
  • Inventory fields can be utilized or suppressed to suit your stock keeping needs.
  • The system handles an unlimited number of inventory items, as well as unlimited SKU numbers and UPC codes.
  • Selling prices can be calculated using marginal, mark-up or promotional pricing.
  • You can maintain detailed sales and purchase histories.
  • Addition, deletion and alterations to inventory can be handled on a single screen
  • Handles multiple vendors for each item
  • Look-up windows for supplier, category, product code, location and custom fields provide easy access to all inventory items
  • Supports current and average costing along with item quantity and wholesale pricing
  • Manages unlimited number of suppliers and departments with pop up windows; Departments with linked Sub Departments make selecting the appropriate heading easy for new inventory staff
  • Stock can be maintained in unit or fractional quantities
  • Fashion Matrix simplifies tracking multiple sizes and colors and supports 4 feature dimensions
  • Imports data from supplier provided files
  • Exports data to a variety of accounting packages
  • Pre-defined charges for additional services such as wrapping, engraving , deliveries
  • You can track and evaluate coupon program results.
  • Simplify website stock maintenance by exporting dedicated web description, category, and pricing fields and images from your Smart Vendor POS
  • Our easy-to-use screen prompts guide you through the purchase order process.
  • The purchase order function allows you to generate and receive merchandise directly into inventory.
  • Price tickets can be printed with bar-code labels at the time of ordering or when goods are received.
  • Inventory items and supplier purchase histories are automatically updated when items are received.
  • Pop up listings ensure that finding existing stock items or adding new ones is simple
  • System accepts vendor’s product numbers when receiving merchandise; SKU, manufacture’s or UPC codes may be used
  • Message fields can be attached to each item to provide special instructions to vendors or receiving personnel
  • Rapid automatic purchase order generation when stock is low
  • Data collector receiving and merging
  • Receive and entire Purchase order at once or individual items one at a time
  • Special Order fulfillment through Purchase Orders allows Retailers to set merchandise aside for the intended customer when shipments arrive; Replaces manual tracking journals
  • Full support for back order tracking
Smart Vendor contains a powerful report generator that allows you to create, name and save your own custom reports quickly and easily. You can also export your reports to any database and use them time and time again without the hassle of re-creating them. The following are just a few of the standard reports that Smart Vendor provides:

  • End of Day Cash Sales Summary
  • End of Day Cash Count Listing
  • Daily Drawer Activity Listing
  • Daily Clerk Activity Listing
  • Reorder Reports: All Items at or Below Regular Minimums
  • Over-Stocked Inventory items
  • Value of Inventory at Retail and Cost
  • Price Change Report and Worksheet
  • Purchasing and Receiving Report
  • Vendor File Listing
  • User Access Control
  • Supplier Listing
  • Supplier Purchase History Listing
  • Open Item Listing
  • Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Product Performance Listings
  • Top Sellers Listing
  • Detailed Inventory Listing
  • Customer Activity Listing
  • Sales Margin Listing
  • Special Order Listing
  • Layaway Listing
  • Margins on Selling Listings
  • Mark-up on Cost Listing

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