Garden Centres

Smart Vendor POS Systems for Garden Centres

Smart Vendor POS systems offer garden centres and nurseries features that meet their very unique and particular requirements, which are very different from general retail stores. A standard point of sale solution simply cannot handle every garden centres’ specific business need.

From specialized barcode labels and tags, to full length botanical descriptions, Smart Vendor POS systems for garden centers easily handle all of your inventory, pricing, and customer tracking requirements.

Smart Vendor POS solutions allow you to verify real time inventory levels with a wireless mobile device from virtually anywhere in your store. Moreover, Smart Vendor allows you to eliminate or reduce long line-ups at the checkout by accurately scanning your customers’ merchandise while they are in line. The scanned merchandise is transferred to the POS system and the suspended transaction can be accessed for payment when the customer reaches the register. This time-saving trick is much appreciated by consumers, especially during high season.

Contact us to find out how a point of sale software specifically designed for garden centres can help your business become even more efficient.