Pet Stores

Smart Vendor POS Systems for Pet Stores

Boasting more than thirty-five years in the pet store industry, our team of POS systems experts has incorporated all the important features that today’s pet retailer requires into the Smart Vendor POS systems and add-on modules. Easy to use and affordable, the Smart Vendor POS system offers many powerful functionalities that help manage efficiently your retail operation:

  • Create special orders
  • Perform inventory checks
  • Offer predefined discounts
  • Manage promotional prices
  • Process transactions using a touch screen or a standard keyboard
  • Access detailed reports in an instant
  • And much more

From live stock to pet food, the Smart Vendor POS system will easily track the hundreds of items and categories in your independent pet store’s inventory.

The ability to create “buy 10 get one free” promotions that build and increase customer loyalty is one of the features that is essential for pet stores. You will grow your repeat business and your profits thanks to the Smart Promo module. Your customers will be motivated to return to your store for the value you add to their shopping experience.

Need more features?

A vast array of complementary, fully-customizable modules are available, including: 

    • eStore ‘360: make e-commerce sales & inventory management easy with eStore ‘360, which smoothly integrates into Shopify.
    • Smart Service: create service contract and work orders, then record and track every phase of your service.
    • Smart Points: reward your customers with bonus points that they can redeem for store merchandise at any time.
    • Secured Online Backup: make automated and secure data backup system that ensures the continuity of your operations in the event of a server failure.

Contact one of our POS experts to find out how a point of sale software specifically customized for pet stores can help your business increase sales and become even more efficient.

"The system is affordable and the support is good. We loved the fact we could understand the literature. They have service partners in every province, and the system is clearly suited to small to medium sized independent stores.


− Retail News Magazine

"Smart Vendor is a great tool for managing our business. It is very reliable and the support staff are great."

− Amandalina’s Sposa Boutique

"My experience with any of the customer service software or hardware teams have been most enjoyable.They are patient and understanding and truly take care of my individual needs fast and efficiently.They are very friendly and genuinely seem interested in giving you a helping hand."

− IQ Living