Sporting Goods Retailers

Smart Vendor POS Systems for Sporting Goods Stores

There’s such a wide variety of sports, and as a sporting goods store owner, you doubtlessly carry a large selection of items in different styles, colours and sizes. Keep track of your inventory and so much more with a Smart Vendor sporting goods POS system.

Smart Vendor point of sale systems offer a number of beneficial features for savvy sporting goods retailers such as yourself, including creating a customer profile to track your customers’ purchases, finding out what is selling well and what is not, as well as recording your regular customers’ preferences.

If you offer repair and warranty services, adding the Smart Service module allows you to track and report on all your work-in-progress services, repairs, estimates, and customer approvals. The Smart Service add-on module works seamlessly with your Smart Vendor POS system.

The Smart Vendor sporting goods POS system is incredibly easy to set up and use. Should you require help implementing and learning your system, our experts offer a variety of services to maximize the use of your sporting goods POS system.